6th Annual Parenting Seminar

Today’s child is the well fed… yet malnourished.

For Grades K-12

Wednesday March 4th, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


The well fed/mal nourished possibility is two fold:

  • compromised gut flora and/or a lack of quality foods
  • contaminated modern-day foods

…leads to disease and to immune-distress/diseases.

We will Discover in our Parent Seminar:

1: Well Fed, Malnourished.

2: Digestions / Mal-absorption

3: Function of  Probiotics

4: Tooth Decay and What is Really going On 

5: Crowded teeth are not genetic, but a sign of poor genetic expression.

6: Find out more about GAPS, Immune and deep disease and nutritionally dense foods

All disease begin in the gut because our gut is the root of our the health, just as a tree with sick roots can not thrive and feed those twigs and leaves far above its roots, because its roots are sick.  Our gut flora, our MICROBIOME  inside our digestive tract, is the root of our health, it looks after us, it feeds and nourishes us. Our digestive track is the soil and the root of our health.

With 30 years experience as Pediatric Dental Hygienist and 10 years as Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GUT, ie DIGESTIVE SYSTEM in it’s entirety, and also of the effect on the human brain as part of the entire body system), Katalin Brown works with children and parents; some with Autism, behavioural and learning issues, in addition to seemingly healthy children, ZEROING IN on individual children’s issues.

Katalin comments:

“you can say I know kids!”

…”Nutritional Therapy is paramount.!!”…

A successful mother of 4 grown boys, Katalin has also volunteered extensively in dental clinics in Saudi Arabia and Kenya, Africa –  working with mothers and children who could never afford dental care, educating families on dental care while taking  interest in the African diet.

The Brown family grow organic and rich produce on 20 acres of land.

+++ Nutritionally dense foods and healthy gut flora provide the foundation and fuel the growing body and mind +++

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