Mission Statement

“Education is not received; it is achieved.” – Albert Einstein

At La Citadelle, we believe that all children are special and that they all have hidden talents and an enormous potential to achieve. It is our duty and responsibility to tap into these capabilities and talents and to provide children with a serious and structured program that they can yearn to follow with enthusiasm and determination. Our mission is to create a school where children are happy, proud and excited to learn and to achieve.

La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science provides an International Education for students of all origins, and fosters a lively and stimulating atmosphere of learning in its community. La Citadelle seeks to educate the whole person, to foster technological proficiency and to lay the foundations for life-long learning. The faculty sets standards of excellence and integrity in academic and co-curricular areas and prepares students to meet the rigor of university education. Students are challenged to do their best in all areas and are asked to reach further.

At La Citadelle, we seek to nurture in children the qualities of respect for self and for others, and to cultivate their desire to serve the community. Students are encouraged to take responsibilities for their thoughts, words, and deeds, to act with honour and purpose, and to make a difference in the complex global society they have inherited.

At La Citadelle, we nurture a cooperative community of learning where we challenge our students to build within themselves the foundations for life-long learning. With coaching and encouragement, we hope to empower them to become contributors in the global society.