In today’s homes and classrooms, children have unprecedented access to quality knowledge and exciting information. Along with this accessibility and ease of use come the significant but manageable risks that every parent should be fully prepared for. Get the “street smarts” you need to earn your child’s trust and play an active role in your family’s online activities

What’s In It for Me?

  • Check the 5 things you need to scrutinize before creating a new account on one of the 350+ free social media sites
  • Learn all you need to teach your kids to safely maintain a social media profile
  • Push the delete button on sites that should not have your data:  3-step process

What’s In It for My Family?

  • Improve the way you manage the risk of privacy breaches for your family
  • Get the peace of mind to open
  • Learn to navigate the Internet privately and even surf the Web anonymously

Claudiu Popa is a Security and Privacy Advisor to Boards, Executives & Corporations. He is also a speaker and author