At the Kindergarten Division, La Citadelle aims to instill in children a curiosity for learning as they develop their own skills and talents. Children work in a supportive and stimulating environment that is responsive to individual needs and differences. Although children follow an intensive curriculum in French at these levels, general communication and cultural / basic learning skills are emphasized.

The curriculum program at the Kindergarten Divisions is structured in such a manner as to integrate all relevant subject matter and to foster progressive learning and achievement. The methodology at the early stages is based on a concrete pedagogy and is gradually phased out by the end of Senior Kindergarten, when most children are 5 years old. Although the classroom environment is informal at the Kindergarten Division, the curriculum is structured and has very clear objectives.

It includes:

  • French Language and Culture
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Art
  • Computer Studies
  • Physical Education

For further information, please contact our Vice Principal of the Kindergarten Division.