IB – La Citadelle MYP Evaluation – 2014

MYP Report 2014

La Citadelle has been an authorized IB World School since 2010, offering the MYP programme.  To ensure that IBO standards are delivered appropriately, the IBO is mandated to officially inspect and evaluate its schools every five years. In November of 2014, we were pleased to host a team of MYP evaluators from the IBO who were at La Citadelle to perform this official inspection.

La Citadelle has just received the MYP Evaluation Report from the IBO, stating that La Citadelle profoundly and competently embodies, in both its teaching and its learning, the very foundations of the International Baccalaureate (view La Citadelle MYP Evaluation Report).

Specific to our La Citadelle community, the evaluation team, characterized La Citadelle as a model school, finding our teachers to be highly competent and committed to the school and its students, highly intellectual and proficient, very knowledgeable, and above all, exemplary in their roles as educators. They were equally impressed by the students’ outstanding academic and socially conscious work and achievements.

The designation of first accreditation after inspection represents an important milestone for us here at La Citadelle.  It demonstrates that we deliver on our promise of academic excellence and holistic learning  and we are thrilled to be able to continue to offer the Middle Years Programme.