Ken Rabow

Untitled-1Being a parent is challenging these days. The thing that each and every parent needs is support to deal with an ever-changing group of distractions vying for your child’s attention.


Get support from Ken after the workshop!

Although you will leave with some very concrete work that you can do right away, you will also be invited to a free webinar follow-up session to share what has worked, why it worked and how to deal with challenges that come up.

Having been a Middle School teacher for seven years, Ken has seen the challenges and distractions that face our children these days and has created a system that each and every parent, mentor or life coach can use to great effect to rise above those challenges and distractions.

Ken is a regular blogger on the Huffington Post, a go-to guest for radio shows about “Troubled Teens”, and is featured regularly on Our Kids Media.

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