La Citadelle is launching its House System!

The purpose of the House system is to build a sense of community and to promote a sense of responsibility, belonging, and spirit in our school. The House system promotes a keen but friendly rivalry between House teams who will compete in various activities and events throughout the school year.

All Grade 1 to Level IV students and teaching staff will be assigned to one of the following four Houses


Level III
Izabel & Sophia
Grade 8
Level II
Level IV










Grove and talented, the Tiger house has a yellow theme colour. The leaders are:

Faculty Head: Mme. Isadora

Student Leader: Kevin (LII)


Ferocious and decisive, the Shark house has a blue theme colour. The leaders are:

Faculty Head: Mme. Rosemary

Student Leader: Izabel and Sophia (Gr.8)


Smart and magical, the Phoenix house has a red theme colour. the leaders are:

Faculty Head: Mme. Marina

Student Leader: Emily (LII)


Powerful and free, the Dragon house has a green theme colour. The leaders are:

Faculty Head: Mme. Victoria

Student Leader: Michael (LIV)

Once a student is placed into a House, he/she will be part of this team for the remainder of their time at La Citadelle. The goal of the Houses is to provide an opportunity for student and faculty to interact across grade levels. Each House will have a student leader to leader the members of his/her House in various activities and challenges in order to accumulate points for each House.

House Points

Throughout the year, these four Houses will compete against each other for points which have the potential to be converted into rewards. Each student has the opportunity to generate points for his/her House by actively participating in a number of events and activities.

All points contribute to the overall total for each House. Student leaders will track points for their teammates and submit them to the Student Council to be added to the House Points running total. Points are never subtracted from a House.

An update of the House team points will be made available on a regular basis throughout the school year on the Student Council Bulletin Board.

We hope that each student become involved and will take advantage of theses

opportunities to build upon current strengths and develop now interests!

The House Leaders!