Tech Fair 2014

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In today’s world, technology has become an integral component of our daily lives and the classrooms of La Citadelle are no exception. At La Citadelle, we believe that the learning environment is an ideal setting for students to become acquainted with and experiment with a myriad of technologies, both for academic and extra-curricular purposes. Our advanced technology courses, at all levels, particularly challenge students to employ their critical thinking skills and explore their creativity through this medium. To further enhance these abilities, we have continued to expand our school’s ability to offer students an array of purposeful opportunities to experiment with technology (laptops at the Kindergarten and Secondary levels, acquisition of two SmartBoards, the use of computer music technology, audio / video equipment, a student server, and Wi-Fi).

In this context, it is with great pride that I would like to invite you all to our 11th annual Technology Fair which will showcase a diverse collection of projects created by our Grade 4 to Level I students using an interesting range of multimedia tools and where each and every product has been carefully crafted over the last few months in accordance with the International Baccalaureate – MYP – Project’s Design Cycle (Investigate, Design/Plan, Create, and Evaluate) guidelines.

Cyrus and Joshua Andrei and Jeremy Isha and Maryalice
Hayden and Daryan Ella, Mia, Emily Lyes
Nathan Shayan Min and Alyssa
Tyson Zoe, Aaliya and Sophie Nikita and Meena
Sam and Emery Maria and Jasmine
Kiyomi and Bianca Anthony, Corbin and Andrew
Isabella and Raha
Annique and Tien




Cailan Alex, Kyan and Neelesh Jana and Eilish
Zeid, Julius Alexia, Christos and Michelle Sarah
Nelia, Carelle and Panagiota Deven Sadaf
Jasmeen, Alessa and Bonnie Masha