TechFair – 2018

Art challenges technology, and technology inspires art.” – Pixar’s John Lasseter

As the 2017-2018 academic year is nearing its close, it is with pride that that I formally invite you to La Citadelle’s 2018 Annual Technology Fair. At La Citadelle, we continuously strive to critically engage our students with various facets of technology in the hopes that by doing so, students are inspired to both create and innovate. 

Within our academic community, we as teachers and staff are constantly inspired by our students’ work within the technological paradigm of the 21st century and very much look forward to your attendance at this year’s fair on May 10, 2018.  The Fair itself will include a myriad of compelling works created by our Grades 4-8 students, with each project employing a range of multimedia tools aligned with the International Baccalaureate – MYP – Project’s Design Cycle (Investigate, Design/Plan, Create, and Evaluate) guidelines.

Thank you!

Mme. Denise

Tech Fair Coordinator


  First Name(s) Project’s Title
Grade 4 Layla, Mikayla, Natasha, Lea, Sabrina Mean Girls
Cecilia, Tomas, Ishaan, Ethan, Donovan A Day in My School 
Poeme and Simone Bowling
Amelie, Mya, Yousra The Coco Nut
Mathias, Sam, Atticus  SAM Sports
Mathan, Timur  27 Facts you didn’t know about Star Wars
  First Name(s) Project’s Title
Grade 5 Delano and Aideen  The Race
Daniel G, Daniel V and Nathan Lego vs. Life
Ethan, Anil and Nicky Hi
Athina, Sameen and Micah Mysterious Note
Maya, Trinity and Hanna The Book
  First Name(s) Project’s Title
Grade 6 Aous, Cole and Zachary Grammy’s
Amma, Lyiad and Victoria The Disappearance
Kenza, Jade and Romina What’s On The Menu
Olivia and Catharina Comic World
Leo Mission Cookie
Kaitlyn and Mackenzie Expectations vs Reality
  First Name(s) Project’s Title
Grade 7 Sophia and Kaden LCA’s Got Talent 
Rami, Egor, and James The Invasion
Alisa and Lucy Piano’s Life
  First Name(s) Project’s Title
Grade 8 Leon and Alex Trick Shots by Alex and Friends
Sundus and Tien  #Toronto
Zara and Izabel The Blooming
Elissa and Yvonne Peru