Technology Exhibition 2017

In today’s world, technology has become an integral component of our daily lives and the classrooms of La Citadelle are no exception. At La Citadelle, we believe that the learning environment is an ideal setting for students to become acquainted with and experiment with a myriad of technologies, both for academic and extra-curricular purposes. Our advanced technology courses, at all levels, particularly challenge students to employ their critical thinking skills and explore their creativity through this medium.

In this context, it is with a great pride that I would like to invite you all to our annual Technology Exhibition,  which will showcase a diverse collection of projects created by our Grade 5 to Grade 8 students using an interesting range of multimedia tools and where each and every product has been carefully crafted over the last few months in accordance with the International Baccalaureate – MYP – Project’s Design Cycle (Investigate, Design/Plan, Create, and Evaluate) guidelines.

  Student Name Project’s Title
Grade 5 Olivia Real Bee Movie
Jade, Kenza and Mackenzie Gossip
Catharina, Alexandra, Victoria and Kaitlyn Less Talking more Dancing
Aous, Cole and Zachary Crazy Celebrity Interviews
Amma, Liyad, Andrew and Xavier Life being Savage
Grade 6 Robert, Rami and Kaden The Awakening
Sophia and Samara Super Wars
Olivia, Laila and Songs In Real Life
Grade 7 Tien, Leon and Elissa Nice Girls Hunting
Ramtin and Sebastian Bruce’s Secret
Grade 8 Andrei, Joab and Rowina The Notebook Reenactment
James and Nathan The Breakfast Club Remix
Zoe and Myranda Two Proms Same Day
Emily and Shayan Saving Private Ryan Reenactment