Technology Fair 2016


In today’s world, technology has become an integral component of our daily lives and the classrooms of La Citadelle are no exception. At La Citadelle, we believe that the learning environment is an ideal setting for students to become acquainted with and experiment with a myriad of technologies, both for academic and extra-curricular purposes. Our advanced technology courses, at all levels, particularly challenge students to employ their critical thinking skills and explore their creativity through this medium.


  First Name Project’s Title  Format
Grade 5 Alisa “Keep Holding On” – Cove Movie creation
Rami and Kaden Aliens Invade! Animation
Laila, Tristan and Samara The Legend of the Cave Movie creation
Sophia, Olivia and Mariam The Crazy Cooking Show Movie creation
Grade 6 Bianca and Annique Not-So-Average Steve Claymation
Raha Blissful Ballet
Cyrus B-Active Movie creation
Sam The Early Blender System Animation
Kiyomi and Elissa Treats and Sweets
Tien The Evolution of Men Claymation
Sebastian and Nathan Mario’s Animate Animation
Grade 7 Shayan & Andrei Super Mario Bros. RPG Animation & Programming
James, Nathan, & Joab The Amazing Ninja Animation
Emily Kataev What It Takes! Movie Creation
Emily& Nicole One stop at a time
Zoe Read, Listen & Watch
Aaliya & Rowina What don’t we know… Movie Creation
Sophie & Mia Two words, One smile Movie Creation
Grade 8 Maryalice and Daniel Exclusive Photography
Min and Kim Teddy Movie Creation
Nikita and Hasan Defendant
Justin and Meena Why play games in class, when you can create them in class? Game Creation
Anthony and Steven Cooking with Steven and Anthony Movie Creation