1. At what age can students begin Kindergarten?

  • 2 years old (toilet trained) before December 31st of the enrollment year.
  • 4 levels of Kindergarten offered: Prep-K, Pre-K, JK & SK.


2. What makes your school unique?

  • An exceptional caring and holistic educational environment
  • An advanced and enriched curriculum from Prep-K to Grade 12
  • A comprehensive program in languages, arts and sciences led by passionate, specialized teachers
  • Small student to teacher ratio
  • A genuine fostering of older student / younger student relationships (mentoring)


3. What programs does La Citadelle offer?

  • I.B. Middle Years Program (Grades 6-10)
  • A fully functional university track program in Grades 11 and 12.
  • Four years of French instruction at the Kindergarten Division
  • A fully bilingual (50 / 50) program of instruction between English and French at the Elementary Division (Grades 1-8), with a 3rd language (Spanish or Mandarin) beginning in Grade 2
  • A Reach Ahead Grade 8 program of study including Grade 9 credit courses
  • Linguistic Academic Support courses for students new to French / English
  • I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) Programs for students with particular academic needs.
  • 4 report Cards at the Kindergarten and Secondary Panels / 6 at the Elementary Panel


4. Do children have to speak French? Do parents?

  • No. At the early grade levels, as most of the courses are taught in French, students adapt very quickly.  Parents do not need to speak French.  For older students, we have a Linguistic Academic Support program that harnesses those in need of such support and efficiently prepares students for full-course integration.


5.  What is the homework load like?

  • Time spent on homework is relative to the student’s grade division. At the early divisions, students are expected to have approximately 30-45 minutes of homework per night.  As the students grow older, the load increases, relative to the courses; however, so does the student’s ability to time-manage and this is partially due to our Method of Study courses, which begin in Grade 6.


6. What is the teacher/student ratio?

  • La Citadelle has a policy of 20 students maximum per grade level.  Such a class ratio is imperative to the type of holistic education we seek to deliver.


7. What are the student body demographics? Is LCA multicultural? If so, are there special groups or committees to enhance multiculturalism?

  • Multiculturalism is something that we promote naturally through the diversity of both our student and faculty population.  Our environment is a peaceful, friendly, and cooperative one where respect for others’ values, religion(s) and culture(s) is incorporated at all levels, academically and socially.


8. What do kids learn in Kindergarten? Is it a daycare?

  • Kindergarten at La Citadelle is not “Day Care.”  Rather, it is a curricular-based environment that offers academic and social enrichment on a daily basis.


9. Are graduates accepted to university?

  • The university acceptance rate for Grade 12 students has been 100 percent for the past 12 years (includes all graduates).  Each has been accepted into her / his first choice program and most have been offered some form of monetary scholarship based upon academic / co-curricular achievements.


10. At what time does the school open and close?

  • 7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Classes run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:10 p.m.


11. What are the extracurricular activities the school offers?

  • Chess, Piano, Judo, Student Council (Yearbook, Dance Committee, Spirit Committee), Lego Club, Arts & Crafts Club, Drama Club, Robotics Club, Spelling Bee Club, Newspaper, Debate Club, Technology Club, Intra / Extramural Sports.


12. Is there a Student Council?

  • Yes, students can join The Student Council as of Grade 8. The Council organizes all secondary school activities and dances, as well as all annual Kindergarten and Elementary special events.


13. What is the life of a student at La Citadelle like?

  • Attending school at La Citadelle is educationally stimulating and fulfilling. The sense of community that is created between students and staff is truly a unique and wonderful aspect of the school. Students, as well as Faculty, are perpetually inspired to strive for excellence whilst thriving academically and socially.


14. Where is the school located?

  • 36 Scarsdale Road
    North York, ON
    M3B 2R7


15. Do children wear a uniform at the Kindergarten Division?

  • Yes. A gym uniform and a formal uniform.


16. How may I contact the Admissions Office?


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