Our Parents

“Let us in education dream of an aristocracy of achievement arising out of a democracy of opportunity.”

– Thomas Jefferson


Although we continuously strive to help all students succeed and achieve the highest academic standings, our highest goal is to have a school of good character and will, which means working closely with parents to prepare our students to readily assume their responsibilities, to willingly respect moral values and traditions, and to freely act with integrity and a positive attitude while living in the modern world.

At La Citadelle, our committed parents are an integral part of the school’s fabric and they play a major role in supporting the children and staff in their daily activities. In that regard and in addition to the undertakings of the elected Parents Support Committee (PSC) and its subcommittees, La Citadelle’s parents oversee homework, assist teachers in managing extra-curricular activities, and volunteer for a vast array of in-school projects, field trips, fairs, campaigns and performances.


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