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Dear Mr. Abouchar,

It is with regret that we have to say goodbye after such a short time. We were very privileged to be a part of the La Citadelle family, even for such a short time. We have been traveling a lot and it has unfortunately been necessary for us to move Michaela every time. Her experience at La Citadelle was one of enormous respect and individual growth. We can never thank you enough for the time and effort spent on Michaela.


Thanks to you and all her teachers, we can once again move her on a new adventure to England and be confident that with the high academic standard at La Citadelle she will have no problem to fit in with her new school.


We would like to congratulate you and your staff as well as the administrative personnel for the amazing work you are doing. We wish you all the very best for the future and we know that you will grow from strength to strength.


On a personal note, we want to thank you for the lovely CD we received at Christmas time. You are very talented and we spent many hours listening to your CD. Congratulations and may you continue in your success. We are sure there will be many more CDs released.

Warmest regards,
Philip and Ina du Toit



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

Thank you for the difference La Citadelle has made in Mariah’s life. She leaves as a different person than she came. Thank you for your support to Mariah & our family as we embark on a challenging and exciting journey.

Fred, Georgina and Mariah
(family moved abroad)



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

On the first day of school in January, you said to me “don’t worry, your daughter is in good hands, trust me she will be a different person by the end of the year.”


I went home that day believing in your words and here we are today having experienced the truth of your words. Mia has transformed. She is happy, comfortable, motivated, confident and most importantly, secure in her environment at school. Thank you for creating such a place and for continuously being a positive role model to Mia and all the students.

– The Terrence Family



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

We are very pleased with Laila’s progress at school. She is now a very happy student and is totally comfortable with her life at school. Thank you!

– The Maharaj Family



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

We are very pleased with the education Cameron is receiving at La Citadelle. He enjoys his teachers, classes & classmates.

– The Homer Family



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

Thank you to all teachers for their efforts and their work.

– The Cook Family



Dear Mr. Abouchar,

Justin is very proud of his academic achievements. In my opinion, all Justin’s teachers deserve the “Prix d’Excellence” pin !!! He wouldn’t be where he is without them! Special thanks go to Mme Gehane who has a wonderful influence on him. Justin’s comments on Mme Gehane: “Mme Gehane.I love her!” His French has improved tremendously! I’m also very impressed with his reading skills, both in French and English. Mme. Linda’s “reading log” is a great motivational tool!


My wish for Justin is that he will end up being whoever he wants to be and for that La Citadelle is definitely the right place to be!

– The Anderson Family


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