LCA – Alumni Testimonials

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris



“Alfred, I hope all is well! I have heard through the wire that La Citadelle is thriving. I still have many fond memories of the school from the early days… I don’t know many people that can say their principal drove them to the mall! Since we last talked, I completed my undergraduate degree at UofT and medical school at McGill. I must admit, that I frequently think back to your mentorship and guidance. You were one of the first educators to really believe in me and you set me on my path to academic achievement, I cannot thank you enough. I will be starting my residency in Family Medicine at Mt Sinai this summer. If you have some time, it would be nice to catch up. Look forward to hearing back from you!”

– Jason Corban M.D., Hon. B.Sc.



“Quand je pense à mes années à La Citadelle, je me souviens surtout des moments passés à travailler avec mes professeurs. C’est un privilège et un honneur  d’être entourée de professeurs dévoués et  passionnés par leurs sujets et qui, par leurs actions, communiquent cette passion à leurs élèves.”

– Gisèle Samaan
University of Toronto: Engineering Science)

2012 LCA Graduate



“Our field trips took us everywhere, from the local movie theatre to another continent, and to many exciting places in between. The best part, for me, was taking these trips with a class full of people that I had grown so close to during my time with them.”

– Victor Ostrovsky
(York University: Screenwriting)
2012 Graduate



“During the time I spent at La Citadelle Academy, I most definitely learned a lot of valuable and intriguing things. The teachers were extremely helpful and were always there for me whenever I was in need of aid. I also received dedicated instruction and assistance from teachers and staff whenever I wanted or needed it.”

– Stephanie Piché
(University of Waterloo: Mathematics)
2012 LCA Graduate



“Attending La Citadelle Academy was an unforgettable experience. Studying at this institution allowed me to have unique, one-on-one relationships with teachers. This was an important aspect that improved my understanding of my academic studies. In addition, the La Citadelle community gave me the sense of family I had been missing as an international student.”

– Maria Aguedelo
(University of Toronto: History)
2012 LCA Graduate



“Transitioning from a Montessori school, it was necessary for me to integrate into a scholastic environment that promoted the values of a holistic education and encouraged character development, as well as independent thought and expression. La Citadelle Academy offered me these key foundational elements and more, such as: bilingualism, leadership opportunities, and university preparation. The intimate classroom settings and dedicated, impassioned teachers provided me with a quality education and the necessary skills to flourish in university and other personal endeavors. I feel beyond fortunate to have received the unique academic opportunities that I did at La Citadelle, and to have developed such special, lasting friendships with both classmates and teachers.”

– Grace Gesualdo
(University of Toronto: Vic One Program – English)
2012 LCA Graduate



“Coming from a rather closed culture and society, La Citadelle opened my perception towards people and broadened my knowledge of other cultures. Though I did not know French and had a minimal English speaking foundation, La Citadelle did not make me feel isolated or “abnormal.” The school accepted me with open arms and held onto me until I was able to stand on my own, independently. The school not only helped me to develop academically, but also civilly and empathically. Being a student at La Citadelle for six years has made La Citadelle a home for me and all my teachers family members. My overall experience at La Citadelle has impacted my life and my future in a thousand different ways. Thank you La Citadelle for these wonderful and memorable experiences in my life!”

– Sahel Sanaei 
(Ryerson University: Business Studies)
2011 LCA Graduate



“The teachers I had throughout my five years at LCA were some of the best teachers I have ever had. Whenever I or anyone had a problem with a topic or subject in class, the teachers would always slow things down to help us. That’s important.”

– Andrew Arding 
(Ryerson University: Hospitality and Tourism)
011 Graduate



“La Citadelle Academy was a part of my life for six years. Not only did I academically exceed the normal curriculum, but I also made lifelong friends. The small classes really allowed me to become close and develop a relationship with all my teachers, who were already advanced in their fields of study, and also develop relationships with my classmates. There were also many field trips where students volunteered and experienced areas of reality we normally would not have, such as trips to the Good Shepherd Center. Overall, La Citadelle has taught me not only how to study, but also how to communicate with other people and it was an experience I will never forget.”

– Kosta Vuckovic
(University of Toronto:  Life Sciences)
2010 LCA Graduate



“La Citadelle Academy is truly a unique secondary school experience. Having moved on to post secondary education, I can attest that none of my peers have had the same levels of innovative, one-on-one teacher / student support, or the opportunities LCA provides its students with. The demographic diversity of La Citadelle Academy alone brought forth so many new cultural and intellectual experiences that have been just as, if not more, valuable to me as its exceptional educational standard. Above all else, LCA taught me independence, both in intelligent thought and academic planning. The lessons I learned at LCA left me more than capable of excelling far beyond post secondary expectations and approaching every new life-experience critically. Thank you La Citadelle.”

– Donald Belfon 
(University of Toronto: Trinity College)
2010 Graduate



“My time at La Citadelle was as challenging as it was rewarding. The school’s unique environment, as well as the rigorous approach it takes to academia, has prepared me for the challenges I now face in life more thoroughly than any student could reasonably ask of an academic institution. I can proudly say that, as a result of the education I received at La Citadelle, there has yet to be a situation in my academic career where I have felt unprepared in any way.”

– Andrew Ilkay
(University of Toronto: International Studies)
2009 Graduate

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