Parent Testimonials

“Congratulations Monsieur Abouchar – and to your colleagues. It’s clear that you have managed to create a unique learning environment that is both nurturing and challenging  –  and that enriches the lives and character of your students beyond pure academics. Developing the minds and emotional intelligence of young students in this age of increasing distraction is quite a task ….. and I commend and admire those who are up to the task.  It takes a tremendous commitment – at every level – to encourage young people to remain focused – with all that competes for their attention. For educators to be able to cut through the noise – and to find ways to harness the attention of their students is no easy task – and yet at La Citadelle, the program offering manages to do that quite well – academically, socially, culturally, emotionally. We are so appreciative for everything La Citadelle has contributed to our daughters’ growth and development. The years spent at this school have undoubtedly forged life-long memories, formidable impressions and precious friendships not only for her, but for us as parents. For that, we will be forever grateful.”
– Brigitte Headley


“Our son has been enrolled here for more than 10 years and this is a testament of our credence to the school values, educational principles, the holistic approach and philosophy towards teaching, offered in a caring and heartfelt environment, and all wrapped up in a bilingual package. All this coupled with many interesting extracurricular activities have formed La Citadelle as a strong community where children, parents and teachers alike have enabled the marriage between two institutions: the school and the family.”
– Andrei Lambert



“My wife and I selected La Citadelle after perusing their booth at one of the OurKids private school expos and also attending two open days at the campus itself. We have been very impressed with the new location as well as the inclusive, community-driven, safe and welcoming environment for a multi-faceted and wholesome bi-lingual education of our son. We would certainly recommend La Citadelle to any prospective parents looking for well-rounded environment for their children to very high academic and personal standards.”
– Vashtee and Kevin Carey


“It’s just an amazing school. Our son joined the bilingual school with little French in Grade 7. It is challenging in the first year, since half the courses are instructed in French. But the teachers are very nice and they teach those subjects in both French and English. In the French immersion environment, my son’s French level is advancing so fast that just after one and half year he can already enjoy French Cartoon show and he is quite capable at reading and writing as well. Plus, I am also very impressed about his incredible improvement in English. I would recommend the school for the all-rounded and well-balanced curriculum, warm, pleasant and engaging environment, and above all, dedicated, caring and high-level teachers and staff. High achieving students will get good challenges, while underachievers will get extra attention and assistance to develop good working and studying habits. Besides academic excellence, the school also values character education and help the student develop social and emotional skills. The school offers IB programs starting from Grade 6. It is definitely a wise choice for high school education.”
– Ying Zhao



La Citadelle offers a safe and structured environment for our daughter. The school has a strong bilingual academic curriculum with a positive atmosphere for successful learning. The class sizes are practical, allowing noticeable attentiveness to each student. The variety of art, sports and musical activities the school has to offer really enrich the quality of learning. There is a real feel of community within the school, where staff, teachers and students know one another and contribute to making La Citadelle a pleasurable environment. Bonne Ecole!!”
– Nadine Younes


“La Citadelle is the best kept secret! We found out about the school from a newspaper add, our two children were attending another IB private school at that time with which we were getting a bit frustrated with. We liked what the add said, so we scheduled an appointment to check out the school. We met with the headmaster and he took us for a tour, to say we were impressed is an understatement. We were blown away by the curriculum (starting from grade 1 kids get a specialist teacher! So your music teacher don’t teach you math and the other way around your math teacher doesn’t teach you art. Each subject is thought by a subject matter expert! FROM GRADE 1!!!!!!!). Academically the school is very advanced, some books are for grades two years ahead, and surprisingly kids don’t struggle with it, but progressing impressively well , thanks to the hard work of the dedicated and very competent teachers. Amazing! We didn’t come to La Citadelle from a french school and both our kids had very limited French (we started grade 4 and SK). Two years later our older child gets into top 10 of the Salon De Livre writing contest and just to note, the first place won La Citadelle student as well. The school also consistently wins top spots in science fair competitions. Last year La Citadelle grade 7 students won a gold medal in Toronto science fair and were invited to present their project at the Toronto world congress of medical physics and biomedical engineering as well as at the research chairs symposium. Wow, right? And the most important, while achieving all these, kids are having fun! There is not enough review space to describe how amazing the school is! You have to see it for yourself.”
– Yaroslava Fediounina


“Our child has been attending LCA since JK and not only do we love this school but more importantly our child does. LCA provides our child with a holistic education that focuses on a bilingual curriculum within a warm and friendly family-oriented environment.”
– Joanne Martire


“La Citadelle is an extension of the home. It is a close-knit family of parents, students and staff who come together to provide a high standard of academics, social and emotional well-being for its children. We are happy to see both our children advancing toward bilingualism and couldn’t be happier with our choice!”
– Carlo Mariglia


“A small school with a BIG heart. Academic Excellence, kind, caring, supportive, devoted teachers and staff, with the right balance of structure. Fulfilling and fun!”
– Liane de Lotbinière


“It’s a safe and encouraging environment for children to grow and learn. It’s home, away from home. It’s Excellence in Bilingual Education.”
– Giovanni Murga



“La Citadelle is really impressive to my family because of its care from the teachers. It forms a big family. My son loves to go to school every day. The students are well mannered and friendly. We absolutely choose this school!”
– Christina Guan


“C’est plus qu’une école… C’est une famille ! Les professeurs sont très sensibles au besoins académiques, psychologiques, physiques et émotionels des élèves.”
– Hanadie Chebib


“Great school.”
– Nathan Pfeffer

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