La citadelles 20th anniversary science fair

On Wednesday, La Citadelle held its 20th anniversary Science Fair and it is with a great sense of pride that I hereby write to congratulate all of our students for their excellent achievements in the completion and presentation of their science projects.  With their teachers’ guidance and parents’ support, the students have once again proven themselves to be competent and capable of increased critical insight into the various sciences while using critical thinking and problem solving skills and developing positive attitudes both about themselves and about their work processes. All in all, the students deserve to be commended for their hard work and diligence in the completion of this mini thesis.

The school was certainly alive with enthusiasm surrounding scientific presentations at all academic levels. The Atrium hosted the core science presentations of students in Grade 1-LII, while the Daycare and Kindergarten students simultaneously hosted their own presentations with parents and teachers in the daycare and Kindergarten areas.  As well, the secondary school students of LIII (Grade 11)-LIV (Grade 12) hosted their own science conference in the Grades 6-LIV classrooms with individual student presentations on a variety of highly academic and scientific topics directly related to the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

On behalf of the students, I am proud to thank all of the teachers involved who supported our students during their journey and extend a special thank you note to Mme. Carida, Mme. Paige, Mme. Victoria, Mme. Ines, M. Raphael, and above all, Mme. Daniela and Mme. Radhia, who piloted the entire fair from start to finish.

I cannot finish without thanking The Parent Support Committee (PSC) and the specific parents who assisted our students after school during the planning stages, and particularly Hanadie Chebib, for all the support provided in the implementation of the event as well. I equally extend a special note appreciation to the 35 parents, alumni and teachers who volunteered to judge the project. Finally, I must thank Mme. Faye, Mme. Tam, Mme. Denise for their administrative support and Mr. Ricky for his tireless efforts in the physical set-up of the event.

In closing, the collective contributions of all involved with La Citadelle’s 20th anniversary Science Fair have been noted, are very much appreciated, and testify to the sincere scientific interests and pursuits of our school community.

– Alfred Abouchar

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