Our Student’s Achievments

We have remarkable students at La Citadelle with a variety of talents, not the least of which is academic excellence.  At La Citadelle, students have the opportunity to “show what they know.”

Our Graduates

At La Citadelle, we are committed to preparing students for success at the university level. Our most recent graduating classes are no exception to this commitment:

  • All students graduated with an 80% or above, overall average, despite a rigorous curriculum from Grades 9-12.
  • Most students achieved a mark of 85% or above on their six best Grade 12 university preparatory courses.
  • Approximately 60% of these students achieved a mark of 90% or above for their six best Grade 12 university preparatory courses, a feat which enables them opportunities for program selection and scholarships that are unavailable to students who achieve below the 90 percentile mark.
  • All students received acceptance into their first choice university, and the majority of these students received acceptance to each university they applied to, which ranges from 3-5 universities per student.
  • Some of the university choices of our graduates include Trinity College at the University of TorontoVictoria College at the University of TorontoEngineering Sciences at the University of TorontoBader International Program (England) at Queen’ s UniversityUniversity of Western OntarioMcMaster UniversityYork University (Screenwriting), Ryerson University (Business Studies / Hospitality and Tourism) University of Waterloo, and OCAD University.
  • Most students received early acceptance letters into university that arrived no later than March 31st.
  • Approximately 75% of our graduates received some form of monetary-based scholarship aligned with the program of their choice.

University of Toronto

Honours Life Sciences – 2006, 2015
Engineering Science – 2012, 2015
Engineering – 2015
Mathematics – 2015
Life Sciences – 2013, 2018
International Business Management (Co-op) – 2018
Social Sciences & Humanities– 2018
Mathematical and Physical Sciences – 2018

Western University

Business Studies- 2011
Mathematics- 2014
Medical Sciences- 2015
Faculty of Science – Economics- 2018
Faculty of Science – Financial Modeling-2018
Mechatronic Systems Engineering- 2018

York University

Business Studies-2006, 2011
Commerce- 2018
Business Economics-2018
Actuarial Science-2018

University of Waterloo

Honours Mathematics- 2012
Finance & Business Studies- 2018
Mechatronics Systems
Engineering- 2018

Ryerson University

Electrical Engineering-2006
Screenwriting- 2012
Bachelor of Commerce Business Technology- 2018

Queens University

Intl. England – Honours Psychology- 2012
Life Sciences Honours Program – 2015, 2018

University of Guelf

Honours Bio-Medical Science- 2015
Biomedical Engineering- 2018

McMaster University

Honours Life Sciences – 2015
Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences – 2018


Fine Arts – 2009

Statistical Data – Fields Of Study:

22% Business & International Studies
21% Life Sciences / Medical Sciences
17% Engineering / Mechatronics
16% Mathematics and / or Economics
12% International Studies, English and Social Sciences (Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies)
8% Fine Arts and Film
4% Hospitality and Tourism

Statistical Data – Universities Of Study:

37% University of Toronto
5% Queen’s University
5% Western University
11% University of Waterloo
5% Ryerson University
5% York University

Statistical Data – Recent Scholarships:

Colleen A. – $2,000 – Excellence Scholarship – Western University (Medical Sciences Program)
Andrew D. – $3,500 – University of Waterloo (Bachelor of Science – Mechatronics)
Grace G. – $3,000 – Victoria College at the University of Toronto (Bachelor of Arts)
Erica P. – $3,000 – University of Guelph (Honours Major Biomedical Science)
Stephanie P. – $750 – McMaster College (Mathematics)
Victor P. – $4,500 – University of Toronto (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Ankita R. – $750 – McMaster College (Social Sciences)
Emilie S. – $10,000 – Western University (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
Gisele S. – $3,000 – Victoria College at the University of Toronto (Bachelor of Science

  • 100% of our graduates pursue University studies and are accepted into their first choice program of study.
  • 90% of our students were recipients of the Ontario Scholars awards.
  • 90% of our students were recipients of the Queen Elizabeth scholarship upon graduation (Program withdrawn in 2012).
  • 5% of our students have graduated from university and are employed in their field of study; the remaining are either in undergraduate or graduate studies

*Many of our graduates currently are admitted to University as early as November of their graduating year at La Citadelle.*

Canadian Mathematics Competition

La Citadelle Math Club’s main objective is to provide enrichment opportunities for students who have a strong interest and ability in Mathematics in the upper grades and to prepare them to participate in various National Math Olympics and Contests.

Over the years, La Citadelle’s Grade 8 to Level IV students were registered to participate in a variety of major math competitions, such as the Canadian National Mathematics League Competitions and the Canadian Mathematics Competitions (CMC), organized by the University of Waterloo‘s Faculty of Mathematics, competing with students from over 120 schools across Canada.

For the Canadian Mathematics Competitions (CMC) organized the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics:

La Citadelle’s Winners for 2017 include:
  • The School Champion for the Fermat Mathematics Contest – Level III – Kevin W.
  • The School Champion for the Cayley Mathematics Contest – Level II – Cailan B.
  • The School Champion for the Pascal Mathematics Contest – Level I – Hasan D.
  • The School Champion for the Gauss Mathematics Contest – Grade 8 – James L.
  • The School Champion for the Gauss Mathematics Contest – Grade 7 – Ramtin R.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and to show you our remarkable school. 

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