Facilities designed for the future

At La Citadelle, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities. With over 40,000 square feet of space, each area in the school is designed with open-concept and airy spaces that make school feel like home. At La Citadelle, we believe that if children are comfortable, enjoy their surroundings, and are provided with spaces designed for them as well as various educational models, they will enjoy coming to school each day and learning.

Our Atrium – A Space For Community

The most utilised space in the entire facility, this over 3,000 square foot space is designed with community in mind. School events such as our annual Science Fair Expo, school wide exams, Student Council Fairs and House competitions, and our Parent Support Committee Socials are all hosted in this wonderful space that is continuously transformed to meet the rich array of community and school events. As well, when the weather prevents outdoor activities, our Atrium provides all students with space to run and enjoy breaks and recesses safely. No matter what time of year you visit, our Atrium is buzzing with activities – from senior students gathering in the student lounge chatting or working in groups, to students at all level enjoying a game of ping-pong, playing Foosball or racing against the clock on the Hoops Shoots.

Our Gymnasium And Auditorium

Equipped with a soft-touch Gym Rex flex ‘Pad n Pour’ flooring and state of the art equipment, the gymnasium provides our students at all levels the flexibility to learn and safely enjoy our athletic programs year round. Adjoining the gymnasium is our professional stage, where concerts, performances, and presentations occur, showcasing the broad and diverse talents of our entire community from Daycare to Grade 12.With built in microphones, lighting equipment, and stage to ceiling curtains, this space allows students to develop their passion and knowledge of performance and stage production and is truly a wonderful theatrical experience for all!

Our Classrooms

In line with our holistic approach to learning and small class sizes, La Citadelle’s classrooms have been designed to provide students at all levels with a “home base” that is colourful, spacious, and comfortable.  Spaces within the classrooms have been designed specifically for the allocation of all student materials, including textbooks, so as to provide students with a structured and clean learning environment where they can easily navigate their academic curriculum.  Throughout our facilities, the specialised rooms, such as our Music Room, Science Lab, Computer Lab/Computer Music Studio and Arts studio, offer students from the elementary level onward with a dedicated space where they can hone their skills and develop their love of learning within the framework each of these fields requires.

Our Kindergarten

The largest classroom in our entire facility, our kindergarten space is designed to introduce our youngest students to a specialized learning environment.  With a mini-art studio, reading corner, computer corner, play corner and the SK and JK learning spaces, this enormous classroom allows the kindergarten students to move around from “class to class” within this open concept, vibrant space designed to stimulate the children and develop their love of learning.

Our Playgrounds

La Citadelle’s facilities are surrounded by playgrounds and field areas, allowing our students from Daycare to Grade 12 to stay active and enjoy the fresh air year round.  Simply drive by our school and you will see our Kindergarten students playing safely within our playground areas or hear the laughter and calls of our students enjoying a game of soccer in the park fields under the dedicated supervision of our teachers and staff.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and to show you our remarkable school. 

Please contact our Admissions Office for more information or call 416 385 9685.