Student Council

The Student Council consists of four executive members of the Secondary Division:

  1. Co-President – Allison
  2. Co-President-Victor
  3. Treasurer – Andrew
  4. Class Representative – Grade 11 – Alyssa
  5. Class Representative – Grade 11 -Vivian
  6. Class Representative – Grade 10 – Nikita
  7. Class Representative – Grade 9 – Sam

The purpose of The Student Council is to act as a vehicle of communication between students, faculty, the surrounding community, and the administration of the school.  This organization exists to provide opportunities for students to develop and exhibit leadership qualities, foster school-wide social interaction, and engage with the community at large.

Student Council Membership Tenets:

  1. To strive for good citizenship
  2. To promote respect for all individuals in the school and community
  3. To help all students work together in our school
  4. To provide all students engagement with democracy in action.

Under the umbrella of the Student Council exist subcommittees, such as The Spirit Committee, The Dance Committee, and The CYC (Citadelle Yearbook Committee), The Fundraising Committee, and The Tuck Shop.  Each committee provides students with numerous opportunities to engage and excel in social and co-curricular endeavors.


Fairs and Dances:

  • Halloween Fair – Tuesday, October 31st
  • Social Night – Friday, December 1st
  • Holiday Fair – Thursday, December 21st
  • Social Night – Friday, March 2nd
  • Spring Fair – Wednesday, June 20th