Tuition, Fees & Scholarships

Initial Fees (New Students Only)

Application Fee*
*The application fee is non-refundable fee and must be provided with completed application packages for all applicants (Daycare to Level IV)



Admission Fee**
The admission fee is non-refundable and required to secure enrolment for admitted students enroling in JK to Level IV.  Fee is not applicable to Daycare students.
Sibling discounts on admission fee are as follows:
$1,000 for the 2nd child of the same family;
$2,000 for the 3rd and for any additional child of the same family.


Annual Tuition 2023-2024

Tuition Fees include meals, snacks & workbooks
Tuition Fees


Half Day – School Year Daycare (Sept. – June) $15,525.00
Full Day –  School Year Daycare (Sept. – June) $20,700.00
Half Day – Summer Daycare (July & August) $2,235.00
Full Day – Summer Daycare (July & August) $2,9880.00
Half Day – Summer Daycare (1 Month Only) $1,256.25
Full Day – Summer Daycare (1 Month Only) $1,675.00
Grade Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees include all workbooks & books


Grades 1 – 2 $24,800
Grades 3 – 8 $25,350
Levels I – IV (Secondary) $26,150
International Students $30,600

Supplementary Fees

  • Annual Fees*
  • ESL (International students only, $4,000/Term)          
  • Uniform
  • Books (Grade 1 to Grade 12 only)
  • Hot Lunch Program (optional for JK to Level IV)

*Consist of costs for Field trips, Parent Support Committee Membership and Building Fund.
The fees range from $950 – $1,550 annually.


Scholarships & Financial Incentives Available

  • Early Admission Discount (Available to New Students)
  • Sibling Discounts Available for:
    • Admission Fees (New Students)
    • Tuition Fees (New and Current Students)
  • Early Admission Discount (Available to Current Students)
  • Academic Scholarship Program for Grades 5 to 8 (Available to Current Students)*
  • Academic Scholarship Program for Grades 9 to 12 (Available to Current Students)*
  • Annual Headmaster’s Scholarship (Available to New Students applying to Grades 6 – Level III)
  • Referral Discount Plan (Available to Current Students)*
*Applicable to local and permanent residents only



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