“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam” / “I shall either find a way, or make one.”

– Francis Bacon

The story of the creation of La Citadelle is truly unique.

Conceived by its Headmaster on a clear vision of education for the future, the school rooted itself first in the fundamental concepts of Canadian bilingualism and a holistic and excellent education. This was reflected in the bilingual and very academic curriculum developed by La Citadelle, which strikes the right balance between arts and sciences and is enriched both by the teaching of a third language and the introduction of IB-MYP and AP programs, respectively, at the intermediary and secondary levels. The success of all of its enterprises has allowed it to rise to the call of its mission, and thus achieve recognition today as a unique, first-rate all-encompassing PrepK-12 private educational institution.

La Citadelle opened its doors with 5 students in the basement of a church in Richmond Hill in 2000 and relocated the year after to the Mallow site with only 9 students.  The years that followed saw a rapid expansion of the school infrastructure and a steady annual increase of its student population. La Citadelle, presently offering advanced international academic programs from Preparatory Kindergarten to Grade 12 in a new site on Scarsdale Road in North York, is proud of its path, its accomplishments and, most importantly, its students’ education and high level of academic achievement.

The creation of this exceptional school is the story of many remarkable people getting together and sharing their expertise and experiences. Transcending the simplicity of its beginning to reach its present structural maturity, La Citadelle never lost its ingenuousness, its integrity, and its human touch. Life at La Citadelle has always been full of laughter and excitement and visitors have invariably been fascinated by the “joie de vivre” of its students and the level of care, affection, and respect they have towards their teachers and for each other.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and to show you our remarkable school. 

Please contact our Admissions Office for more information or call 416 385 9685.