Each September, our intermediary and secondary students (Grades 6 to Level IV) eagerly anticipate the transformative 2-night/3-day leadership camp—an annual highlight at our school. This event is not just a trip; it’s a unique opportunity for both new and returning students to experience significant personal growth, foster lasting bonds, and launch the academic year with purpose.

What sets this apart is that each year, the camp sites located in our province change, allowing students to discover a multitude of activities, enjoy the outdoors, and uncover the beauty of our region. From team-building to developing athleticism, to kayaking, high ropes, canoeing, hiking, wilderness survival, and so much more, the range of activities ensures an enriching and diverse experience for every participant.

This early-year adventure plays a pivotal role in setting a positive tone for the upcoming months, establishing a sense of camaraderie, and providing a foundation for a successful and fulfilling academic journey. Stay tuned for updates on this enriching and impactful annual tradition!

We would love the opportunity to meet you and to show you our remarkable school. 

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